The Tell Tale Heart

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The Tell-Tale Heart The movie Mission Impossible 3 is about secret Agent Ethan Hunt. He worked at the I.M.F, but he retired and is engaged to Julia. However, I.M.F asks him to capture Owen Davian who is a very bad person. Ethan tries to capture him, but Davian captures Julia instead. Davian says, “Bring Rabbit Foot”, which is a very strong weapon, in order to save his wife. So Ethan gets the weapon, jumps over the skyscraper, and performs many thrilling actions. Then, he goes to Davian and gives him a Rabbit Foot, but he puts bombs inside his head. Ethan must stop the bomb with an electric shock. I watched this movie with great suspense. Like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 3, “The Tell-Tale Heart” also has many suspenseful actions. In his short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” Edgar Allan Poe creates suspense by using time, first person point of view, and repetition. Jung 2 Edgar Allan Poe creates suspense in “The Tell-Tale Heart” by using the concept of time. Poe uses different flows of time: fast and slow. On the eighth day, the narrator tries to kill the old man because he hates the old man’s evil eye. The process of killing the old man is very precise and the narrator moves very slowly, taking an hour to open the door until he kills the old man. The narrator demonstrates time moving slowly when he states, “For a whole hour I did not hear him lie down” (Poe 2). This quote suggests how the author can make readers feel nervous, and make them curious of what will happen, so time creates suspense in the story. Time is not the only device that Poe uses in his short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Another element used to create suspense is first person point of view. Poe expresses the narrator’s emotions like a real person’s feeling. Poe demonstrates each feeling of the narrator’s experiences. The narrator describes the old man’s
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