Task B Assignment 204 & Task D of the Err Essay

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Task B assignment 204 & Task D of the ERR Report 1 – Winterbourne View Failure Winterbourne View was a 24 bed hospital registered to provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to people with learning difficulties and autism. The establishment was closed in June 2011 after an undercover BBC journalist got a job at the hospital and using a hidden camera documented extraordinary failures within the establishment. The hospital went under serious review by South Gloucester safeguarding adults board, the police and Care Quality Commission, in addition the government set up its own review led by the department of health. On the 31st May 2011 BBC Panorama aired their secretly filmed documentary which revealed the frequent, serious failures at Winterbourne View. The documentary provided clear evidence of the bullying and mental and physical abuse of patients from members of staff at the hospital. Under investigation other failures arose such as patients staying too long and far away from their families/carers, a high rate of physical intervention and a clear management fail with no registered Manager in place, substandard recruitment processes and limited staff training. However, not only were there failures within the hospital, multiple agencies failed to pick up on key warning signs. There was nearly 150 separate incidents including A&E visits by patients, police attendance at the hospital and safeguarding concerns reported to the local council. The general point of view from the report is that there was a complete systematic failure within the establishment which was unacceptable and could have been picked up on earlier by outside agencies. Winterbourne View failed to protect and care for vulnerable people resulting in investigations and court proceedings against 11 employees. These individual failings that happened on multiple levels resulted

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