Tale of Two Cities and Material Happiness

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Material things that influence happiness. What is a Material thing? Well, a material thing is something that it tangible, something that is not physiological. There are many materialistic things in a Tale of Two Cities. Darnay’s uncle, Monsieur St. Evrmonde in particular had one that I found odd; he had four men to pour him chocolate. Monsieur St. Evrmonde also, on his free time, shot pigeons for fun. How do materialistic things influence happiness? Some may say that materialistic things provide a sense of security, for example, someone buys a gun for protection, that same person may feel happy because he feels secure. Material things can also make someone pass time which then would give that individual a sense of happiness. An egocentric individual can also feel as though they are better than others because they have more materialistic objects. For example, a random guy goes out and buys a brand new Land Rover, he is probably happy and he is happy because he now owns a brand new Land Rover and pretty sure he is going to feel that he is somewhat better then the guy on the street that drives the 1992 Dodge Neon. Monsieur St. Evrmonde had four men to pour him chocolate. Some may say that that is taboo. But, Monsieur St. Evrmond had the proper means to have things like that. He was a part of the Aristocracy and he was nobility. This kind of materialistic happiness would be the one where he feels like he is better than others. This is also not his only excess. Monsieur St. Evrmonde, Darnay’s uncle, also shot pigeons for fun. It was almost like he did not care for other living things. He shows very little consideration for everyone and everything. In this case the pigeons and the rifle would be the materialistic object that makes Monsieur St. Evrmonde happy. This scenario would be an example of having materialistic objects to pass time. In conclusion, it is

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