Taking a Patient History

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`Journal Article Review The Article ‘A guide to taking a patient’s history’ written by Hilary Lloyd and Stephen Craig published in the Nursing Standard in December 2007 issue. The purpose of this paper is to give the reader an overall understanding of how to take a patient history. This paper will give great examples on how to do a systematic history, the order to do the history in, the importance, and how to compile the data. Summary of Article Taking a patient history is very important. “This article provides the reader with a framework in which to take a full and comprehensive history from a patient” as stated by (Lloyd & Craig, 2007, p. 42). Several skills the nurse needs to possess is good communication, not making the patient fell intimidated or hurried, proper environment, and performing the history process in a sequential order. The first thing the nurse must do is prepare the environment for the history taking process. This area needs to be a neutral place that the patient is comfortable, safe, and free of interruptions. (Lloyd & Craig, 2007, p. 42) stated, “It is essential to allow sufficient time to complete the history. Not allowing enough time can result in incomplete information, which may adversely affect the patient’s care”. In addition, the nurse needs to remember not to rush, or hurry the patent and make sure they feel comfortable in the environment. The next key point is communication. The nurse needs to be open, nonjudgmental, using verbal and nonverbal communication, and remain professional. Box 1on page 43 list examples: nonverbal: eye contact, hand gestures. Verbal: appropriate language, or rate and intonation. (Mehrabian, 1981). Introducing herself is necessary with good communication and building a rapport. (Lloyd & Craig, 2007, p. 42) stated, “Practitioners should avoid the use of technical terms or jargon and,

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