Switzerland vs. Mexico

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Switzerland vs. Mexico Switzerland My research paper will individually concentrate on Switzerland and Mexico in its history, competitive advantage, export, trading, and globalization. I will then compare and contrast both countries by their competitive advantage in the market, government intervention, trading, export, and globalization. The Switzerland economy is founded on an exceedingly competent labor force and skilled work. The principal areas consist of micro technology, hi-tech, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, also, includes banking and insurance knowledge. Switzerland was not the success story that it is today; in the late nineteenth century Switzerland was a poor nation and its major exports were mercenaries and emigrating citizens. By the early period of the twentieth century, Switzerland had emerged as an industrial nation of importance despite its small size. Switzerland was one of the richest nations in the postwar period and by the 1960 using some measures, Swiss per capita income was the highest in the world. The wealth of Switzerland is the outcome of national competitive advantage where there are shockingly numerous competitors in a wide range of advanced manufacturing and service industries and Switzerland a small nation was able to establish their competitive advantage over large nations and their competitors. The industrial success has allowed Swiss citizens to be employed at high wages and for many years the unemployment has affected less than two hundred people. Swiss companies include amongst them Nestle, Hoffman-Laroche, Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, Schindler, Landis and Gyr, and Lindt and Sprungli, are the most global of any nation. The top Swiss multinationals employ more people outside of the country than in Switzerland. Being a small nation without a large home market for example as in Japan or the U.S. one can still be
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