Sweet Home Alabama on Physical Journey

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Sweet Home Alabama Andy Tennant’s Sweet Home Alabama (2002) is an American romantic comedy film, which reveals the journey of two children (Melanie Smooter and Jake Perry), growing up together and discussing their future together. The scene then moves to the present day. Melanie changed her last name to Carmichael to hide her identity. Melanie Carmichael is living the fairytale where her rich boyfriend proposes. But first she must face her past. Melanie must physically travel to Alabama to finalise a divorce from Jake. Her stay in town will trigger an inner journey as to the reason why she left. Just like Gwen, she wanted to escape the hard life of a small struggling country town. The music, in the background “bright lights, big city” is ironic as Melanie insults her old friends at the small-town pub by asking, “how do you people live like this?”. This is like Gwen’s angry rhetorical questions like “Why do they live like that?”. Melanie’s turning point is when she choses to give up the fairy tale to remarry Jake. She realises the relationships are more important. Like in Away, Melanie escapes to the beach in the storm where she meets her true love, Jake. For Melanie coming back to Alabama was not to escape, it was to face her fears and her identity. Melanie also represents Coral, when takes control of the reality that her son had died and buried it in the past and go on with her life and focusing more on her

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