Survival And Savagery In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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“Survival and savagery can take place anywhere and at any time.” In the novel Lord of the flies there are a group of middle-aged boys that are on a plane that crashes and leaves them stranded on an island alone with no parental supervision. On this island they have no option but to find a way to fend for themselves and find ways to stay alive. This will force them to use their survival skills and pick a side on which who wants to live and who wants to find a way to escape. Jack, the leader from lord of the flies by William Golding is very controlling, violent and aggressive in just about everything he concerns himself in. Jack is considered as controlling because he thinks everything is to go his way. For example “His specs-use them as burning glasses.” (.38) His violence makes him seem more in control and powerful by using fear to keep the other boys under his authority. Neither does home not being voted leader stop him from being reckless and trying to change the dynamics of the island. Therefore, Jack started his own group, “…my hunters will protect you from the beast who will join my tribe?” (pg.159) All the other boys wanted to remain loyal to Ralph but they began to…show more content…
He added, “kill the pig. Out her throat. Bash her in.” (pg.75) He becomes the embodiment of evil as the day goes by he is adapting to his surroundings. With the head and the threat only of the beast he manipulates power and unity to kill the pigs. In this case, “That was murder.” (pg.156) During this incident evil has taken over the boys and eliminated all if any of the humanity on the island. He took it upon himself to kill one of the smartest boys on the island to show his strength and loyalty towards his leadership. Jack quickly transforms from being describes as just a Milton choir director over into a aggressive, pig hunting ruler over a group of boys trying to survive

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