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Not So SuperBad Sweetly absurd, Crude and awkward, Superbad is almost a typical teen movie, reminding me a bit of the American Pie films because of the simple plot and juvenile humour. However, compared to other teen movies the film is much more intelligently written than others of its genre, and this shines through in the characters. Superbad follows three high school seniors as they go on a long night of self-discovery, ending in drunken declarations of love between best friends with unrealistic yet entertaining events happening in between. The over weight Seth, played by Jonah Hill (Knocked Up) is foul-mouthed and impulsive, Evan, his best friend, played by Michael Cera is a more gentle and shy, almost to the point of being invisible,…show more content…
The film writers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, supposedly based this film loosely on their personal experiences during their own awkward teenage years. Though I’m not sure how true this actually is, the film is excellently written. There is sensitivity in superbad that other teen movies such as American Pie don’t achieve, this gives the film heart. This is also the main reason that Superbad works so well, it gets away with being immature and crude by using well-written and well-acted parts to create a sense of vulnerability and loveable geeky awkwardness in the three main characters, who constantly attempt to appear cool and confident, particularly around their high school crushes, desperately fabricating stories, with hilarious…show more content…
The script perfectly captures all the feelings and urges of Seth and Evan, angry with each other because their lives are headed in different directions and like “knocked up” the movie also manages to combine filthy phrases and dirty words with almost delicate emotion and truthfulness. Superbad really is a teen movie with heart and all the characters are loveable, even the selfish and foul mouthed Seth has a sense of naivety which makes him resemble a little 4 year old

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