Summary Of Leah Weiczynkowski's Going For The Record

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Have you ever experience a loss of a loved one and the hospice experience? Feeling confused, weak and vulnerable and not knowing how to handle your own grief or acceptance. Even though Going for the Record is fiction it sends a powerful message on facing a crisis like a loved one’s death and trying to overcome it and accept it. This novel by Julie A. Swanson takes place during the summer in Northern Michigan before seventeen year old Leah Weiczynkowski’s senior year of high school. For years Leah has been driven by a love for soccer and is a fiercely competitive person. She is determined to get an athletic college scholarship, to play for the Olympic team, and her dream is to be good enough for the World Cup. Based on the author’s…show more content…
Leah experiences and travels a painful learning curve to arrive at a place of acceptance, reclaiming a friendship that matters on new terms, and claiming her life after her father’s death. Leah’s struggles are demonstrated by her journal entries which provides us a close look at her own stages of adaptation. By writing this novel as her journal entries also gives us a closer look of strategies and skills Leah develops through out the story to handle with her own grief, to support and create a better relationship with her mother, and to help take care of her father. The descriptions of the changes her father goes through, his sufferings, and visible losses are told with validity, courage, and accuracy. The theme of this story is that when you experience a lost of a love one, you will go through an emotion time in your life. At first you will feel fury, doubt and lost but eventually through time you will learn that the spiritual understanding of death and suffering is about love and acceptance of the inevitable. Going for the Record is a classic novel that provides a convincing sequence of growth and coming of age through a lost loved one. Anyone who has gone through a loss of a loved one will recognize Swanson’s detailed explanations of illness and death. This book teaches people how to accept and learn how to move
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