After by Hazel Hutchins

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After by Hazel Hutchins The book AFTER, by Hazel Hutchins is focused on the lives of two teens who go through a traumatic event. This book is set after a random shooting which takes the lives of two innocent people along with the perpetrator. The event greatly effects the families of the victims and killer. The book maybe named after because it takes place after the dramatic occurrence. When the public view the evening news they can notice that such incidents are always occurring in our society. After witnessing the event they don't think much of it and assume it ends right there. However; the grief of the happening can stay with the family targeted forever. They may never recover after the death of a loved one. So what happens after the event is sometimes more significant than the event itself. The author exposes to the readers how a family copes with such a tragedy. The reason she might have written is because she knew someone who experienced something similar to incident the book. Writing can be a way to relieve a person, like how Kate writes letters to her friend Amy but can really mail them. Or perhaps the author wrote about a subject she felt strongly about, in a letter sent to Hazel Hutchins, the author, she responded by saying the story is based on some personal matters and situations taken from real life. “The inspiration for the book is certainly drawn from real life headlines and occurrences...” Hazel Hutchins says. “...general public tends to think of such a tragedy as something that is over and completed on the day it happens. But it isn't.” She continues. This book reveals what a family has to go through after a tragedy such as the one in the book happens to them. The author also writes how victims family's pain is not too different that of the perpetrator's family. The girls in her school start making her feel worst than she already feels
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