Summary Of Benjamin Franklin's 'Poor Richards Almanac'

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Part 1 of Chapter 3 After the confusion and chaotic time of the Puritans, Kayden decided it was time to move up to the Enlightenment times. This time as himself, and not as an apparition. He called Alani and told her to set the time dial on the machine to the time of Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry. Kayden ended up at a dinner party, and boy was he under dressed with his sneakers, jeans, and leather jacket. Surrounding him were many of the founding fathers of the nation, chatting and sipping on fine wines and champagnes. Benjamin Franklin gave a small toast and then began to sit down at an extremely lengthy table. Kayden managed to get a seat by the intellectual. Everyone was enjoying their meal, discussing current events and politics, and just…show more content…
I always have and I always will. As long as everyone lives a good, moral filled life and people learn to coexist with living with each other. “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time,” and in my opinion, everyone should live in that manner. Kayden: That makes perfect sense. Benjamin Franklin: As for a leader, I believe I have a few characteristics of a “leader” … I recently published my successful “Poor Richards Almanac”, which in my opinion tells what all moral beings should strive to do. Kayden: Thanks so much for your time mister Franklin. What about you Patrick, do you consider yourself to being a leader in this time in history? Franklin and Henry show an odd expression for his choice of wording. Patrick Henry: Eh, I would say I am quite a bit of a leader. I'm very proud of my country and I wouldn't want anything but the freedom of living in it. “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” As I always say. “I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.” That's why I believe we should always make sure that we have a good, clean, and proud, present and past. For the certainty of the same in the

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