Struggle Of Finding Love In "The Magic Barrel" Essay

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Love or Obsession? Leo Finkle's Struggle Of Finding Love In “The Magic Barrel” Leo Finkle is a person searching for a purpose in his life. He has chosen to become a rabbi not because of his love for God, but in hopes of overcoming the absence of it. He does not love man and wants to find this love by hiring the marriage broker Salzman to find him a suitable wife because he is unable to do so himself. Instead of getting to know any of the offered women better, he pushes Salzman and himself to find the perfect woman that he created in his mind but cannot actually picture. In “The Magic Barrel” by Bernard Malamud, Leo Finkle's struggle of finding the right person to love turns instead into an obsession to find an unrealistically perfect woman. Leo Finkle, a rabbi-to-be, is in search of a woman worth marrying because of the positive effects it would have on his congregation after his ordain. He has spent the last six years studying at the Yeshivah University and instead of having an acceptable social life, he has lived in seclusion all throughout his studies. This chosen mental distance to other people made the finding of an acceptable wife nearly impossible, which brought him to call upon the marriage broker Pinye Salzman. The matchmaker's appearance is somewhat unsettling to Finkle, but still he puts his trust into the man to find a suitable partner. Already in the beginning of the story, Finkle is unhappy with the broker's work, asking about the number of cards in his hand in disappointment. He was unsure of the man's ability to find a woman due to not even personally knowing the student first. Quickly, Finkle and Salzman move through the prospects on the broker's cards, but none of them fit the young man's desire. Whether it is the fact that one is a widow, another one is too old or the last one offered has unacceptable parents, Finkle rejects each one of

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