Strategy of Growth at Ecp

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ECP is an independent distributor / retailer of Original Equipment quality and aftermarket parts for cars and light commercial vehicles. It is the largest independent aftermarket distributor by revenue in the UK and sold almost twice as many parts as its nearest competitor with a turnover in excess of £330 million in 2011. ECP has approximately 120 branches, a strategically located National Distribution Centre at Tamworth, 8 regional hubs and over 4800 employees. ECP group was purchased by LKQ Euro Limited, a subsidiary of LKQ Corporation which is incorporated in the United States, in October 2011. Sustaining Growth A key issue facing ECP is sustaining its growth. From a turnover of £50,000 in 1978 ECP has shown rapid growth particularly in recent years defying the downward trend of the UK economy. In 2011 alone ECP increased its revenue by 25% whilst adding 12 new branches and over a thousand new employees to the team. This was a direct result of ECP’s heavy investment in people, infrastructure, technology and marketing. The growth was also aided by a shift in the market of service, maintenance and repair work away from manufacturer’s franchised dealer networks to independent repairers who constitute the bulk of ECP’s customer base. To strengthen its ties with the independent repairer’s, ECP has invested in becoming UK’s exclusive partner in the AutoCrew Garage programme which is a Bosch workshop brand. This is an exciting option for UK garages where they can enjoy the strength of a national network, while preserving their identity as independent repairers. Here they can expect to attract quality service and repair work including vehicles which are within manufacturer’s warranty period. With rough estimates placing UK mechanical parts’ market value at around £6 billion and a further £3.5 billion for body repair parts, ECP is well placed to continue its growth

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