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Stonehenge has been a mystery for centuries. Many theories have been suggested as to how Stonehenge was built, who built it and what the site used for. This document explores and compares three of the many theories on the use of Stonehenge. This document explores the possibilities of Stonehenge being a religious, astronomical or architectural site. STONEHENGE AS A RELIGIOUS SITE CELEBRATING LIFE AND DEATH There is a theory that Stonehenge was a religious site where the dead were celebrated, this theory is supported by certain recent discoveries made of Southern Circle. Southern Circle is a site that resembles Stonehenge except for the fact that it was constructed with timber instead of stones. These two contrasting sites are believed to represent the living and the dead. Stonehenge is believed to have been constructed in reverence to the dead, and Southern Circle is believed to have been constructed as a place for the living to gather. SUN AND ANCESTRAL WORSHIP Another theory suggests that Stonehenge and Southern Circle were places of worship. It is believed that the sun and the ancestors where worshiped at these sites. It is believed that because many Stone Age communities saw their ancestors as gods or spiritual guides and the sun as a life sustaining god, that Stonehenge could have been a place of worship to these communities. PLACE OF HEALING Further Theories suggest that Stonehenge could have been a sacred healing ground. This theory is supported by remains discovered where disease or illness was evident. STONEHENGE AS A ARCHITECTURAL SITE STONEHENGE PULLEY This theory states that Stonehenge was used as a gear to real in large objects such as large stones. It is said that these heavy objects where pulled buy ropes attached to a nutation device located inside the Henge that would rock between the stones causing it to

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