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Chem 2 Olympics Decathalon Extra *show all work!* *show all work!* *show all work!* *show all work!* *show all work!* Stoichiometry 1. What mass of Barium nitride is produced from the reaction between 22.6 g barium and 4.2 g nitrogen? (24.2 g Ba2N3) 2. 5 g of copper is placed in a solution of silver (I) nitrate containing excess AgNO3. The silver metal produced a mass of 15.2 grams. What is the percent yield? (89.4 %) Gas Laws 1. How many moles of gas does it take to fill a 1.0 L flask at a pressure of 1.5 atm at 100 celsius? (.049 mol) 2. What is the atmospheric pressure if the partial pressures of nitrogen, oxygen and argon are 604.5 mm Hg, 162.8 mm and .5 mm respectively? (767.8 mm Hg) 3. Describe the

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