Stereotypes - Teenagers

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Good afternoon fellow classmates. The gender group that will be detailed today are teenagers. The three texts that will be discussed about are, a poem called ‘Typical Teenagers’, a song called ‘Bleed it Out’ by Linkin Park and a character from American Pie, ‘Stiffler’. All three texts give out a different view of teenagers and all give out a different view to teenagers. The poem represents teenagers as a common teenager that spends hours on the phone, leaves their room a mess, play loud music and drives their parents mad. The song represents teenagers as ‘emos’, cutting their wrists, this is aimed to teenagers because it is a ‘rock’ song and now a days only teenagers listen to that type of songs. The character from American Pie, he represents teenagers as an arrogant, bully and oversexed jock. Teenagers have been represented in a narrow range of ways within society, often to their detriment. The three texts represents that teenagers are a typical teenager that annoys parents, emo teenagers that cut their wrists and oversexed jockey. These texts construct a variety of versions of reality that position the audience to accept the attitudes, values and beliefs that underpin these representations. When confronted with texts that privilege teenagers it is then apparent that only a narrow view is being represented. It is important to remember that genre is a cultural and social construction which has been divided into two categories, masculine and feminine. These constructions are ways of behaving, thinking and feeling rather than physical traits. Society has quite firmly set ‘normal’ rules of behaviour. What is a stereotypical teenager? Stereotypes are concepts that are based on generalisation of people. The poem written by Eddie Gee, it represents teenagers as an annoying version of teenagers. It suggests that teenagers are money spenders that spend hours on the
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