Steinberg V. Chicago Medical School Case Brief Summary

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Case Brief Steinberg v. Chicago Medical School Plaintiff and Defendant The plaintiff in this case is Robert Steinberg. The defendant in this case is Chicago Medical School. Facts The plaintiff Robert Steinberg applied for admission to the Chicago Medical School and paid $15 for the application fee. His application was denied. Steinberg brought an action against the school stating that they did not review his application based on the academic entrance criteria. He believes that his and other applications were based on nonacademic criteria, such as family affiliation to the school and monetary donations that his and other families did not provide. Steinberg claims that the school breeched the contract that was formed permitting admission to the school based on the outlined academic criteria. Lower Courts The trial court granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss, and Steinberg…show more content…
In, 1990, the Beradis were delinquent in their rent. Meadowbrook informed him that a lawsuit would be filed for the total amount owed. Mr. Beradi then entered into a consent judgment. Meadowbrook in return promised no steps to enforce the judgment would be undertaken providing the Beradis continued to operate their three restaurants. In April 1996, Meadowbrook filed a judgment in the Circuit Court and obtained lien on a building that was owned by the Beradis. In June, the Beradis and Meadowbrook signed a “Settlement Agreement and Release” settling the 1990 judgments. The Beradis agreed to pay Meadowbrook $150,000. This payment would discharge the Beradis from all other amounts owed. The payment of the initial $150,000 would also result in Meadowbrook releasing the lien against the building. Nevertheless, on October 2, 2000, the Beradis filed a complaint against Meadowbrook alleging that Meadowbrook breached the October 1990 agreement. Meadowbrook filed a motion to dismiss under the 1997

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