Rose Enterprises Case Summary

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Tiffanie Murray April 30, 2012 Arbitration Exercise ROSE ENTERPRISES And SAGLE ELETRONICS DECISION APRIL 30, 2012 Decision by member Tiffanie Murray for the Authority I. Introduction and Background On December 1, 2010 Rose Enterprises entered into a contract with Sagle Electronics for the period of January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2014. Both parties agreed on the following terms, Sagle has been contracted to upgrade Roses computer systems and provide technical support for a period of three years, under the terms Sagle will be compensated 50,000 for the system upgrade. Sagle will be paid in two installments of 25,000, with the last installment to be paid upon completion. Sagle has agreed to be completed within 60…show more content…
The contract states that Rose must give Sagle a 60 day written notice and pay the 10,000 fee for that period. Rose believes that Sagle violated the contract by providing services for Anderson Luxury Motors, which is a company that provides automotive mechanic services. The contract states that Sagle has the right to provide services for the other businesses during the period of the contract except for any company engaged in Roses principle area of business which is automotive design and manufacturing. I agree with Rose, Sagle has violated the contract because Anderson Luxury Motors is still an automotive company. The contract for the IT system maintenance will be terminated immediately. III. Decision ARBITRATION DECISION April 30, 2012 In the Matter of: Sagle Electronics V. Rose Enterprises Sagle will not be granted the 10,000 Due to being 5 days past the 60 day completion date that was stated in the contract. The Damages that Rose is seeking in the amount of 40,000 will not be granted because the type of fiber Optics was not specified in the contract. The 3year contract for technical support will be terminated immediately due to clause 3 contract violation by

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