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Peter Paul C. Carreon M.A.E.D. (Math) December 14, 2011 Final Draft Static Descriptive “Apung” Juan: The Living Hermit It has been a year since “Apung” Juan passed away. I could still dwell upon a strange encounter with him when I was fourteen. It was an incident when I was able to understand “Apung” Juan just like how old folks tell stories about him. Despite his non-existence, he is still remembered as the living hermit in our barrio because of his hideous dwelling place, unnatural appearance, solitary lifestyle and unusual interaction with other people. Because of being prankish and without hesitations at all, I went to his hideous and grotesque shanty. It was roughly built and made of old timberyard. The wall was piled up with rusty galvanized iron sheets. There were fanciful combinations of used and unusual things inside the shack. Suddenly, a crusty old man came in with unnatural appearance. He kept on staring at me with his yellowish eyes which made me feel that he wanted to eat me alive. I could not move my sweaty face and arms. At that moment, I was stifled because of the extremely foul smell from his greasy body. He looked unnatural with his streaks of grey hair on his thick and long mustache and beard. His hair had dreadful locks because it was so dry that he seemed he had not showered nor had bathed for about a century. The white ragged jacket that he was wearing was brownish, tattered and unbuttoned. Suddenly, he opened his scabby mouth that made me think that his canine teeth were ready to bite me. He just said, “Labas!” (means “go-out!”) With his words, I realized how “Apung” Juan lived in solitary existence. He felt more comfortable when nobody is around. I indeed felt idleness when I was inside his uninhabited place .I once heard one of our neighbours telling my Mom that he saw “Apung” Juan meditating on a corner of his shack as if he

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