Standing Committees In Congress Essay

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1. Describe the different types of committees in Congress. Specifically, what are standing committees and how do they work within the bill creation process of Congress? What is the structure of these committees - who heads them, and who determines who serves on them? Finally, what is a conference committee and why are they necessary? 2. Is it time to reevaluate some of the decisions made by the Framers of the Constitution regarding the terms served by members of Congress? Although it will take a constitutional amendment to make any of these changes, discuss the following issues with your students. Given the extraordinary advantages enjoyed by incumbents, is it time to impose term limits as a means of leveling the playing field for…show more content…
One advantage would be if the person is doing a great job and is making our country a better place for all then naturally we would want that person to stay in that position for as long as they can stay there. However if the person is corrupt or just bad at what they do then we would want this person out as soon as possible. There will never be a perfect system but we will need to do what we can whit what we have. 3. What are the implications of increased media conglomeration? (Be sure to consider the public, the corporations, and media content.) With anything there can be too much of something. There are numerous outlets for the media. And they all will compete with each other. While competing is usually a good thing it can also hinder us. With the amount of money and power that can come with the media some outlets my want to get a head start on a story and push out what they have. This can be very dangerous if the information is wrong. Depending on the story this could lead to some trouble. People might get scared and panic. This will lead to people doing bad things. It would only make it worse if these actions were taken with wrong information. Another issue would be does a specific media conglomeration have their own separate agenda? They may put out accurate information but they can also leave out certain facts to make appear how it benefit

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