Social Determinants Of Health (DOH)

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Determinants of Health Muhammad Siddiqui PNH 101 YG Nancy Caprara February 13, 2015 Determinants of Health The most important goal for every human being is to live healthy and stress free because it significantly affects the whole household. The primary factors that influence people’s health are the living conditions they experience. These conditions are defined as the Social Determinants of Health (DOH). People are not aware of these DOHs that can shape their health. Such as stress, income, education, employment, working conditions, health services, gender, housing, and food insecurity. The quality of these DOHs can be improved by initiatives like health promotions, teaching, and learning techniques, which can be acquired by nursing intervention (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010). The household which is closely followed in this essay is…show more content…
Even though this goal is tough to accomplish, but dedicated nurses can motivate their clients as much as necessary to make it possible. References Kozier, B., Erb, G., Berman, A., Snyder, S. J., Buck, M., Yiu, L., Stamler, L. L. (2014). Fundamentals of Canadian nursing: concepts, process, and practice (3rd Canadian ed.). New Jersey, USA: Pearson Education, Inc. Mikkonen, J., & Raphael, D. (2010). Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts. Toronto: York University School of Health Policy and Management. Retrieved from Public Health Agency of Canada (2013, January 15). What makes Canadian healthy or unhealthy?. Retrieved from The Canadian Neighbourhood, (2015). Retrieved from, (Jessica J. Riley) * S1,
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