Health and Social Acre

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5. Social and economic factors which influence health The impact of social and economic factors on the health of individuals is well recognised and understood by the Health, Social Care & Well-Being Partnership, and is considered in the Needs Assessment. Most local authority services impact on health in some way and the first Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy recognised the role of services such as social care, housing, economic development, education, and transport. But there are many others such as street cleaning, refuse disposal, building regulations which can also affect people’s health. This strategy once again prioritises a number of key influential factors which impact health in a significant way. 5.1 Housing One major impact on the health and well-being of people is where and how they live. Not only is the physical and social environment important, but the home is also the setting within which care is increasingly provided by both family and community based health and social care. Poor housing can affect people’s health. These links between housing and health in supporting the health and well-being of people in their homes are well documented and were highlighted recently in a Welsh Health Circular from the Welsh Assembly Government. They include: • The need to tackle deprivation as well as improving health care services if health is to improve • Investment in housing improvements does impact favourably on the mental health of residents • Respiratory health may be improved through energy efficiency initiatives in the home • Homeless people and other vulnerable groups are likely to suffer worse health but also have greater difficulty in accessing health services than the rest of the population There are a number of housing initiatives and policies already contributing to the
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