Soc 100 Incidents of Inequality

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SOC 100 Incidents of Inequality Instructions: After researching the incidents of inequality, please answer the following questions for each scenario. Scenario #1: ______ Racial_________ discrimination. 1) Summarize the incident. In a recent news article famous singer Cher was auditioning dancers for her upcoming tour “Dressed to Kill". While these dancers were on stage doing their respective routines singer Cher reportedly told her lead choreographer who was a black American that there was too much color on stage. 2) How might this situation affect the victim? In this case the victim was the choreographer and with him failing a law suit I think the situation affected him emotionally. Feeling rejected and forced to pick the dancers based on the tone of their skin and not their talent seemingly left the choreographer feeling self-doubt and offended enough to want some form of justice. 3) How might it affect the offending person or institution? This situation could affect Cher in many ways however I feel it would have the biggest effect on her reputation. Entertainers rely on their reputation and to be thought a racist could surely damage her career. 4) How do situations like this affect society as a whole? Situations like this of course can only have a negative effect on all of society. It shows that with all the worlds’ diversity that things like this still exist to some extent in all of us. In turn it keeps us from be united as one people. Scenario # 2: ________Gender__________ discrimination. 1) Summarize the incident. In this situation this a man is fired from his job for coming out and announcing he was gay. He was a worship director at a church and after a complaint was filed the man was soon thereafter told he no longer had a job. 2) How might this situation affect the victim? Though feeling of rejection were presented
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