Hip Hop's Betrayal Of Black Women Jennifer Mclune Analysis

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In the reading “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” by Jennifer Mclune, she exclaims in today it is wrong to categorically dismiss hip-hop without taking into serious consideration the socioeconomic conditions (and the many record labels that eagerly exploit and benefit from the ignorance of many young artists) that have led to the current state of affairs. This article contains three major divisions that support Mclune’s argument in this article, and she goes into dept explaining her argument. She wrote the article base off her feelings and how hip-hop down grade black women. In the first division, Mclune explains how hip-hop takes women and dehumanized, vilified, and make them invisible to stay relevant to their mainstream. In the second division, she talks about how women in hip-hop rather go with the mainstream too rather than stand up as a collective voice in their defense of…show more content…
Women also sing along to woman-hating lyrics, so that makes it ok for the artists to continue to produce those woman-hating lyrics. Too many women sing along to those woman hating because they allowed the men to decide which women are worthy of respect and which women are worthy to be called names. In the third division, Mclune exclaims,” as a black woman who views sexism as just as much the enemy of my people as racism, I can’t buy the apologies and excuses for hip-hop.” She is more concern about black men downgrading their own women and being appreciated for it. Sexism seems like the winning ticket to hip-hops mainstream today. This article is worthy of the top prize for persuasions to be awarded by the way she struck the audience with her argument and supporting details she had to back it up. This assiment is based upon a careful examination of the authors’ use of rhetorical appeals, supporting evidence, and rhetorical

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