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Smoking Affecting Cardiovascular Health Abstract In order to determine if smoking affects cardiovascular fitness we performed the stair step test on non-smokers, light smokers, and heavy smokers and measured the heart rate at several times. We measured the subjects pulse previous to the stair test, immediately after the test, and every minute after to calculate how long it took to return to normal heart rate. The non-smokers had a lower beginning heart rate, as well as a heart rate that returned back to resting heart rate very quickly. However the heavy smokers’ resting heart rate was slightly higher, the heart rate measured directly after the stair test was nearly doubled for each subject. The light smokers held a steady heart rate for the most part, much like the non-smokers, with their heart rates quickly returning to normal. As expected the heavy smokers had a higher heart rate after the step test with longer time to return to resting heart rate, with the light smokers falling second in place, and the non-smokers last. Introduction To conduct this experiment the underlying question was, “Does smoking affect cardiovascular health?” In order to answer this, we conducted the stair stepping test between three different groups; non-smokers, light smokers, and heavy smokers. Starting by measuring their resting heart rate compared to their heart rate following the stair test and comparing results between the groups. I believe that the non-smokers will have a lower heart rate therefore I predict that smoking does negatively affect cardiovascular health. If my hypothesis is true the non-smokers heart rate will be lower to begin with and also return to resting rate in a shorter amount of time. Methods Materials -Stopwatches -Stairs The subjects were divided into three groups being; non-smokers, light smoker, and heavy smokers based on the amount of

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