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Beasley, Bill Berkrot and Deena. "Experimental Pfizer Cholesterol Drug Promising in Study." Yahoo! News. Yahoo!, 05 Nov. 2012. Web. 14 Nov. 2012. . In this medical experiment, 130 patients already on high doses of cholesterol-lowering statins were used as the experimental units for the drug RN316 which aims to lower the cholesterol level of the patients who use it. Notably, these experimental units were people who had an increased LDL level due to their previous regular use of other cholesterol-lowering drugs. It is not cited whether the patients were all using the same cholesterol-lowering drug before the study using RN316. The factor in this experiment was the drug and its amount used on the patient. In the article it states that patients were put under 4 levels of doses in the amount of either 6, 3, 1, or .25 mg/kg doses doses of RN316.…show more content…
The new LDL levels were notably measured by their percent change from the old LDL levels. It is said that the 6 mg/kg dose lowered LDL levels by a percent change of 56% while the 3 mg/kg dose lowered LDL levels by a percent change of 46%. After 4 weeks the scientists found that some patients even had a LDL level reduction on 80% on the highest dose (6 mg/kg)! A blocking variable of name, race, or gender is not noted in the article. However, it is said that patients using cholesterol-lowering statins were used for the experiment which means patients who had high levels of cholesterol were mainly used as experimental

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