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Sketch Of Shooting Dad Essay

  • Submitted by: mcrumbaugh
  • on April 1, 2011
  • Category: English
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Misty Crumbaugh
English 121
Sketch to Shooting Dad

In the short story “Shooting Dad” Sarah Vowel brings to light four characters.   The first character she brings in is she herself.   Sarah is a teenage girl to start with who is strongly in politics.   Getting along with her father, they don’t have much in common.   They are rivals when it comes to politics.   Sarah and her father both believe in the constitution but disagreeing with her father on the amendment Right to bear arms.   Sarah, not taking a liking to guns, surrounded herself with musical instruments.   Sarah did not like feeling small while holding a gun and being knocked to the ground when firing the gun.
The Second character is her father Pat.   He is described as being very political, and heavy into firearms.   He taught both of his girls to shoot.   Where Sarah disliked the guns, her twin sisters took a liking and went on hunting trips with their father.   Pat makes and fixes firearms and is a member of the National Rifle Association.   He advertises he NRA stickers all over his car.   This is his Profession, as he is a blacksmith.   Finding humor in their political disagreements he would call Sarah up and tell her he had another vote against hers.   Of course, this is after Sarah moved away as an adult.
The third character she brings in is the firearms or the gun itself that brought Sarah to dislike firearms so much.   Because Sarah had no interest in firearms, she surrounded herself with her music with many different instruments, not having or getting much time with her father.   Her fathers profession was good in some ways.   Sarah will tell dates her father makes guns rather than describing her teen years to make hem more interested in the family.
As Sarah and her father both got older, she began to feel she wasn’t the daughter she should have been.   Always a rivalry of her father, she began to realize she should have spent more time with her father.
Sarah called her father and told him she wanted...

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