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i Introduction to Latin America Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction to Latin America Introduction The first section of this work covers personalities in the history of Latin America and their contributions to attaining independence from Spanish rule. Secondly, the role of several caudillos in the Spanish America is looked into extensively. Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar was born on July 24, 1783 in Caracas, New Grand (now Venezuela). He was born into a wealthy family who sourced their money from the gold and copper mines they owned in Venezuela. He moved to Spain in 1799, at sixteen to complete his education after his parents died (Martin & Wasserman, 2011). In 1802, he married Maria Teresa Rodriguez who died shortly in Venezuela where they had visited in 1803. Bolivar returned to Europe to engage himself in educational and political world he had found fascinating. There he kept in touch with scholars such as Alejandro Humboldt, and Bonpland, and military men such as Napoleon and attended many conferences. In 1806, Napoleon named Bonaparte King of Spain and its colonies which included Venezuela. In 1807, Bolivar returns home, joins the resistance, and begins…show more content…
For example, caudillo Mariano Malgarejo of Bolivia is taken to be a barbarous caudillo. He took land title from the land owners and sold large pieces of land in Bolivia as if he had the ownership. He did that in order to get fund to silence his opposes Conclusion In conclusion, the above work brings out the personalities of some important persons in the history of Latin America and their contributions to the independence of its states. Also, the role played by caudillos in Spanish America has been outline by giving examples of some caudillos in that states.

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