Should Under-Age Drinking Be Allowed?

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How many of you know anyone who has been hit, injured or even killed in a car accident? Did you know that one in four fatal car crashes are a result of alcohol, with that even rising to one in three in some states (Drink Wise Australia: Drink Driving)? A friend of mine was driving around one day when her car was hit by a drunk driver who smashed the side of her car, writing the car off. Thankfully no one was hurt, but you can see the effects of alcohol on people who are older and more mature. Imagine what could happen to the more immature teenagers when they get drunk. Today I’d like to talk about firstly, the effects of alcohol, secondly, different ways you can die by being effected by alcohol, and finally, the effects of alcohol on the young, growing body. Like any drug, alcohol can be addictive, and damaging. It can affect many parts of our bodies in the short and long term. Firstly, let me talk about the short term: 1. There are many short term effects on the body due to alcohol. They include: reduced concentration, lack of co-ordination, slower reflexes, loss of inhibitions and more confidence, flushed appearance, blurred vision and slurred speech (Drink Wise Australia: Short-term Side Effects of Alcohol). This is not even half of the short term effects of alcohol, and we can already see the dangers. Combine slower reflexes, reduced concentration and blurred vision, and you could easily end up with a disaster. What happens if a drunken person decides he wants to cross a busy road, with his blurred vision and sow reflexes he is putting himself in immediate danger, with a possibility of being killed by an unseeing driver. Other side effects include intense moods, i.e. aggression or depression, headaches, nausea and vomiting, blackouts, and alcohol poisoning, coma and death. After reading this, why would you even want to think about drinking alcohol? 2.

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