Sex Offender Analysis

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Tennessee code 40-39-212 states that offenders that have been convicted of a sexual offense whether is be by a plea or conviction by a judge or jury is required to register as a sex offender (The State of Tennessee, 2012). When and offender registers they must provide their address, place of employment and school location if applicable. They must also update their registry within seven days before or after their birthdates every year. Violent offenders must update quarterly. If the offender has a change in their address it must be reported within 48 hours. Failing to comply with the sex offender registry could result in a class E felony (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, n.d.). Monitoring Treatment progress while incarcerated is a policy set in place to ensure that convicted sex offenders are meeting the requirements to be able to reenter society. Their ability to complete the program depends on the individual’s progress and participation in the program. Disruptive behavior, failure to participate (sleeping, bad attitude, lack of motivation, failure to complete assignments, continued resistance to the therapeutic process, etc.), “No shows” to treatment, (e.g., canceled, rescheduled, or broken appointments), display of violent behavior, including threatening statements, unauthorized Internet access, possession of pornography or other risk-relevant stimulus materials (e.g., collections of picture of children),…show more content…
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