Unit 5 Nvq Level 3

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Unit 5 1, Know how to recognise signs of abuse. 1.1 Define the following types of abuse : * Physical abuse - can be hitting, punching, biting, shaking, burning, scalding, throwing, force feeding or anything else that causes physical harm to an individual. * Sexual abuse – Could be forcing an individual to take part in sexual acts, penetrative or non-penetrative, these include rape and buggery, sexual assault. Watching sexually explicit materials such as on the internet, dvd etc. * Emotional/psychological abuse – Ranges from bullying, scaring a person with threats or fear, lowering self-esteem by de-valuing, verbal abuse and swearing, expecting too high expectations on the individual and exploitation. * Financial abuse – Includes theft of money or property e.g borrowing and never paying back, mismanagement of the individual’s finances, keeping finances away from the individual. * Institutional abuse – Misuse of authority by staff in a health and social care setting, failure to keep professional boundaries, inappropriate use of medication, physical restraint, humiliation or bullying, also denying a person privacy. * Self-neglect – Personal hygiene would be affected, bathing, not washing clothes etc. Self-harming, and starving themselves, refusing to eat and/or drink. * Neglect by others – When in a care home setting or dependent on others, basic personal care needs not met, such as washing, bathing, feeding. 1.2 Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse. * Physical abuse – Bruising, swellings, bite marks, burns, sudden changes in behaviour. Even death in some cases. * Sexual abuse – Out of character personality changes, changes in behaviour, self-harming , inappropriate sexual behaviour, repeated water infections or STD’s, depression, low self-esteem, inability to form any
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