Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

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SCHARREN BERGER’S CHOCOLATE MAKER (A) SAI KRISHNA GUMPARLA 103943448 PROBLEM: The main challenge in the case is to increase the current production of Scharffer Berger’s chocolate to meet the increasing customer demand. ALTERNATIVES: INSTALLATION OF BALL MILL Ball mill decreases the refining task from 40-60 hours to 15 hours by decreasing the time for refining task Pros * It can decrease time lag and thereby making the refining task not the bottleneck of the process. * It does not affect the taste of the chocolate; in fact it increased the quality and taste. Cons * Melangeur becomes the bottleneck in the process. * If by chance the quality was not guaranteed it would be a waste of money. INSTALLING A BALL MILL AND SHIFT ADJUSTMENTS Installing the new ball mill and we increase the shift of roaster from 1 to 2 shifts per day also the melangeur shifts from 2shifts/day to 3/day. Pros: * Helps to overcome the time lag. * It increases the production by 66%. Cons: * It does not increase production to a required level when needed. * It may cause wear and tear of the old machine. BUYING A BALL MILL AND A MELANGEUR They can try to buy both ball mill and a melangeur to increase the production and the capacity. Pros: * It saves a lot of time * They can have a refurbished melangeur for $50,000 only. * They can meet their projected demand. * It do not cause extra work on the old melangeur. Cons: * It costs a lot of money to buy both of them. * It is no good to have lot of supply in stock anticipating the demand. WITH BALL MILL, MELANGUER AND SHIFT ADJUSTMENTS By implementing this they can even tolerate the demand of almost 150 %. Pros * This is the most time saving method * Very easy to meet their projected demand Cons * It is a huge investment because we pay the employees for
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