Roger's Chocolate's (Competitive Advantage)

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Rogers’ Chocolates Introduction Rogers’ Chocolates has been a premium chocolate producer since 1885, and has established a unique brand that has become well known throughout British Columbia, Canada. The firm recently considered expanding the firm’s brand, and to do this the board of directors brought in Steve Parkhill. The board of directors asked Mr. Parkhill to double or even triple the size of the firm within 10 years, all while keeping the firm’s culture. While this task may be challenging enough for Mr. Parkhill, the premium chocolate market is observing several changes. In order for Mr. Parkhill to achieve the board of director’s request he will need to determine Rogers’ Chocolates core competencies and use them to create a competitive advantage. Rogers’ Issues There are various issues that are facing Rogers’ Chocolate ranging from marketing to production of the product. The first major issue that Rogers’ is confronted with is the matter of the production. The first issue in the production of the chocolate that has no meaningful measures of productivity efficiency in the plant and thus no real knowledge of whether the day was successful in the level production. This can be observed by the fact that the firm is using dated equipment in the production of the chocolate; this causes a significant cost due to the cleaning of the equipment before and after shifts. The next issue is once again in production. Rogers’ needs to develop a stronger forecasting ability since it seems have issues with out-of-stock. The next issues come from marketing of Rogers’ Chocolate. Currently there are not enough consumers who aware to Rogers’ Chocolate outside of British Colombia, and those that are generally tend to be tourists who have visited an area where Rogers’ Chocolate has a store. The final issue that competition is rapidly entering the premium chocolate market due

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