Satire Essay On Oil

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Oil Mercedes McCray Everything we use has some kind of oil in it. Gas, food, hair products and etc. We are an oil world. I don’t think we could live without oil. Oil is the God of Earth and we don’t even know it. Everybody in the world or should I say most of us are too dependent on it. Oil is good and bad at the same damn time. Oil is good because everything we do today we wouldn’t or couldn’t us it without oil, such as agricultural advances, if we didn’t have these advances we could still be living in the past. Five hundred years ago we didn’t have cars hair products or cooking oil. The more and more we consume oil is the more and more we lose oil. Oil is the Devil. Its something that we must have and we believe that we need it. If you faith you can live without anything like the old days. Back in the…show more content…
But Perez Alfonzo had a different name for oil: "the devil's excrement." Today he seems a prophet. When it hit the jackpot, Venezuela had a functioning democracy and the highest per-capita income on the continent. Now it has a state of near-civil war and a per-capita income lower than its 1960 level. Sounds scary right? I wouldn’t dare want to bring any children in this world of mines. In 20 years I’ll be 42 years old and they say that’s the new 20s. But that’s when the world would be all screwed up. I wouldn’t want to have to go through all that and seeing my family sad. When I knew 20 years from then it was going to happen. I have faith in God so i know he has us and pray that the world doesn’t get all screwed
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