Safety Rules That Are Always Ignored Essay

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“Rules are meant to be broken”, well, that’s true for some instance. How did I say so? In the matter of fact, that was proven by all of us because rules are sometimes ignored by almost all of us even though it is for our own safety. We have our different behavior and beliefs in life and because of that some of us don’t want to be ruled by others. Like here in the Philippines, we are always saying that this is a free country, we can do what we want, even wrong deeds? I think that’s not right There are too many rules all over the world and it is impossible that we can obey all of them because we have our own freedom and we are using our freedom to disobey those rules around us. Why we are not obeying all of the rules? Maybe we are thinking that, it’s not worth it for us to that or we believe that we can act without those rules. By the way, what is the meaning of rules? Or to be specific, safety rules? For me, the rules are just our leaders when we have some activities in school; we need to follow them in order to have beautiful and nice outputs. Also from the word itself, safety rules, these are the rules for our safety, as simple as that. Let’s give some examples of safety rules that are ignored by most of us. Let’s have the common one, wear helmet when riding on a motorcycle. Why they are implementing that rule? Think! We are always hearing on the news that the most common incident happening all over the world is the road accident and most of the time, motorcycles are related to that accident. If the rider is not wearing helmet, will they survive? Let’s say they survived, but what would be their condition after the accident, most of them will get head injuries because they don’t have support for their head and that’s a serious case, One’s life can be gone in just a second without expecting it. So before it’s too late, act even in just a simple way of following

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