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Arizona Home Foreclosure Prevention Funding Corporation Save Our Home AZ (SOHAZ) Program Instructions to submit necessary documents for SOHAZ Assistance ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 72 HOURS Date: 03/06/2013 To: Genesis Housing Services From: Bryan James Liniewski RE: SOHAZ Assistance Application Thank you for your assistance application for the SaveOurHomeAZ program (SOHAZ). In order to complete the submission process and determine program eligbility for SOHAZ assistance you must:  Complete all printed forms by “signing” above the printed name and dating where asked for.  If you are capable of uploading your documents you may complete the submission process for qualification in this format.  If you are…show more content…
Transcripts of jointly filed tax returns may be furnished to either spouse. Only one signature is required. Sign Form 4506-T exactly as your name appeared on the original return. If you changed your name, also sign your current name. Corporations. Generally, Form 4506-T can be signed by: (1) an officer having legal authority to bind the corporation, (2) any person designated by the board of directors or other governing body, or (3) any officer or employee on written request by any principal officer and attested to by the secretary or other officer. Partnerships. Generally, Form 4506-T can be signed by any person who was a member of the partnership during any part of the tax period requested on line 9. All others. See section 6103(e) if the taxpayer has died, is insolvent, is a dissolved corporation, or if a trustee, guardian, executor, receiver, or administrator is acting for the taxpayer. Documentation. For entities other than individuals, you must attach the authorization document. For example, this could be the letter from the principal officer authorizing an employee of the corporation or the letters testamentary authorizing an individual to act for an estate. Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice. We ask for the information on this form to establish your right to gain access to the requested tax information under the Internal Revenue Code. We need this information to properly identify the tax information and respond to your request. You are not…show more content…
Any misstatement of material fact made in the completion of these documents including but not limited to misstatement regarding your occupancy of your property, hardship circumstances, and/or income, expenses, or assets will subject you to potential criminal investigation and prosecution for the following crimes: perjury, false statements, mail fraud, and wire fraud. The information contained in these documents is subject to examination and verification. Any potential misrepresentation will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authority for investigation and prosecution. By signing this document you certify, represent and agree that: “Under penalty of perjury, all documents and information I have provided to my Servicer in connection with the Making Home Affordable Program, including the documents and information regarding my eligibility for the program, are true and correct.” If you are aware of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misrepresentations affiliated with the Troubled Asset Relief Program, please contact the SIGTARP Hotline by calling 1-877-SIG-2009 (toll-free), 202-622-4559 (fax), or and provide them with your name, our name as your servicer, your property address, loan number and the reason for escalation. Mail can be sent to Hotline

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