Internal Control Case Study

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XXXX XXXXX 555 Garth Street Omaha, NE 66345 May 29, 2012 Rob Talbit President LJB Company 1000 Main Street Omaha, NE 66225 Dear Mr. Talbit: I have recently been appointed to the role of evaluating LJB Company’s internal controls. If the company decides to go public there are additional internal controls that will need to be implemented and some that will need modified to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements. First all officers of the company will have to establish a set list of internal control procedures. Those procedures should focus on steps that LJB Company can follow to ensure the accuracy of the financial reports. It would need to be reviewed and signed off on by all responsible officers. A step that should be included is periodic internal audits of the financial data. An audit of that nature would review the accounting records and supporting documentation to verify accuracy of the financial records. You could do this by employing an Internal Auditor or my having McGladrey, LLC. complete an audit of all the financial data on a yearly basis. Human resource controls are needed. Each employee responsible for handling cash should be Bonded. Bonding is done by acquiring insurance that covers liabilities on assets caused by fraud or misappropriation of funds that could occur from employees mishandling cash. You would need to include all employees who handle cash on the application. They would go through screening by the insurance company and be held legally responsible for any misuse of funds found. You should establish vacation requirements and rotation of duties. You could have a part-time accountant be required to fill for both the accountant and the treasurer whenever they are out on some required vacation. LBJ Company is handling the physical control of payroll checks accurately as all checks are being safely secured in

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