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Chapter 1 pg. 1-23 | Summary | Ponyboy (The narrator) is introduced to the novel. He has just finished watching a movie by Paul Newman. He enjoys watching movies by himself so he finds himself walking home by himself. Now Ponyboy is a greaser so he is in a ‘middle’ class, this class is hated by the socials or ‘socs’ which are “the rich kids”. As Ponyboy is nearing home a car stops and the socs get out to try and pick a fight. They push Ponyboy on the ground but likely his gang comes to his aid. They chase after the socs and try to catch them but they run away. They then ensure Ponyboy is ok. Each member of the gang is then described in turn by Ponyboy. The gang then discusses what their plans are for the weekend and they decide to go to the drive in. That night while Ponyboy is doing homework he recalls the happenings of the day. | Key ideas/themes/issues | * Family * Social conflict (between the greasers and the socials) * Relationships * Loyalty * Violence | Quotes | “…he looks tough and I don’t” “’Soda tries to understand [ponyboy’s obsession with movies and books]” Pg 2- Family “Greasers cant walk alone too much all they get jumped” Pg 2- Social conflict“Need a haircut greaser?” Pg 5- Social Conflict (socs)“It occurred to me then that they would kill me”“..Lay off my little brother [Ponyboy]”“Did they pull a blade on you?” | Chapter 2 pg. 24-45 | Summary | Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy go to the Drugstore. They then go to the Dingo which is a favorite place of the greasers. The socials got to the Way Out and Rusty’s and the greasers go to The Dingos and Jay’s. Ponyboy then explains how violent ‘The Dingo’ is. From here They move over to the Nightly Double drive in. They jump over the fence as Dally doesn’t like to be legal. Sitting up the front are two girls so Dally goes and sits right behind them and begins to hit on them. Johnny

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