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Modern Technology and its Influence on the American Teenager In Mark Twain’s great American novel “Huckleberry Finn” we are shown what society was like during Mark Twains lifetime and can see how much it has changed because of technology and the way people use it in their everyday lives today. In Huckleberry Finn technology plays a very minor role in the lives of young people. In today’s life, technology plays a center role in the lives of teenagers. In this essay I will show how modern technology has changed the lives of teenagers today. Communication: Back in Twains time people could only be reached by mail. In modern times people have telephones and cellphones. This lack of technology made lots of things…show more content…
Back in Twains time kids would run around outside and play cowboys and Indians. The way kids entertain themselves has greatly changed. We see this change when Huck goes and plays with his friends. He started a gang called the ‘Tom Sawyer Gang” and they’d pretend that they were a group of robbers looking for treasure. Todays kids are not going outside as much, are overweight and unhealthy in part because instead of going outside and playing they much rather sit inside and play online games with their friends. Family Life: When Huck is staying with the Grangerfords they go to church as a whole family, eat dinner together and have family time. In today’s society computers, work, or television distracts many families. These two things greatly differ because many modern families don’t go to church together, family dinners are not as common as they use to be, and parents are not around the home as much because they are putting in extra hours at the office - unlike the Grangerfords, whose only problem was when the Sheperdson’s would kill a family member! As a contemporary American teenager whose life is filled with technology, I find the life described in Huckleberry Finn very different from my own. I wish my life were more like Huckleberry Finn’s at times because things were a lot more relaxed. But I’m very glad that I have the technology that I have today

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