Romeo and Juliet Were Soul Contributors to Their Death

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Romeo and Juliet may be seen as not soul contributors to their deaths, other charters should hold some responsibility. In William Shakespeare’s iconic text ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we oversee many characters and the role they play leading up to death of Romeo and Juliet. The pair may have seemed to get pushed to their demise but the fault was all their own, both as individuals and as a couple. Nobody should have been put in the situation that was forced upon them by Romeo and Juliet, there response was difficult but appropriate giving the circumstance. Evidence in support of this position, can be found in the start of the text, Juliet’s actions at the start started a domino effect though other characters “My only love sprung from my only hate!” Rather than accepting that fact that the man she’s know of for five minutes is defiantly out of reach, she still choses to follow through with a rather ill-considered relationship. So while Capulet’s response to the situation at hand was at the point of extreme, he had the right to push forth with the wedding because Juliet disrespected the life the Capulet had provided for her and the family’s name. Which now isn’t a big deal but when you consider time period it was a huge deal, so no surprises it prompted that repose. Not to mention even if you look to pass on any blame to Nurse, consider the fact that she played a huge role in helping the marriage to succeed. The frustration and stubbornness of Juliet created angst with Nurse, she only wanted what was best for Juliet, and Paris was. So Juliet’s ignorance created a situation amongst her love ones, one that she would have surely expected them to respond in that way given the situation at hand. So blame can’t be shifted to her closes family member and she was always the one prompting a reaction. Undoubtedly, Romeo is mostly to blame for this and even more so
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