Ritual Observation Assignment

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Ritual Observation Assignment For my ritual observation assignment, I decided to write about the time I was able to witness a Jewish wedding. I was not a guest but I was still able to observe the wedding by working at this event for a kosher catering company. I was fortunate to have this opportunity through work, and talked to my supervisor to ensure that it would be okay that I was writing notes during my breaks. In a way, working the event gave me even more insight into the traditions and procedures of a Jewish wedding, because I was also able to observe the things that took place “behind the scenes”. It was a completely new experience for me, however, I tried to make sure that I was an objective observer, opening myself to learning about a religion that I was unfamiliar with. Instead of performing the wedding in a synagogue, the wedding ceremony took place on a hill in Malibu and overlooking the ocean. When the wedding began and everyone was being seated, the men and women sat separated from each other, with the men sitting on the right facing the front, and the women sitting on the left. Every man that I saw was dressed in a suit and tie, most were wearing a Jewish hat known as a kippah, and the women were all in dresses. The music performance was done by a small group of men also dressed in a suit and tie and a kippah, one was singing, one playing the piano, a few on the violin, one on the cello, and one on a harp. Up front, the Rabbi was standing under a canopy known as the Chuppah waiting for the bride and groom. A Chuppah is supposed to symbolize the house the soon to be married couple would live together in. The Rabbi was wearing a suit, a tie, and a kippah as well. The groom was the first one to walk down the aisle accompanied by his parents, and he too was wearing a kippah. After he arrived under the Chuppah, he was given a white robe to cover over his
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