Amadeus Mozawolfgang : the Passionate Prodigy

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Amadeus MozaWolfgang rt: The Passionate Prodigy The boy Mozart was instantly recognized as a wunderkind. A musical child prodigy, he began learning the piano at the age of four and played it brilliantly by six. He was brought by his musician-teacher-father Leopold on a grand tour of Europe by the age of 13. Shown off to important dignitaries such as the Pope and Empress Maria Theresa, naturally gifted, he could read and play musical scores on sight and capable of writing down the entire score of a complicated work after just hearing it a few times. He wrote his first symphony at the age of eight, his first opera at twelve and conducted twenty performances of that opera at fourteen. Wolfgang Mozart, a musical inspiration, influenced many musicians through his passionate works of complex styles of classical music. Known as one of the most accomplished composers of the 18th century, Mozart began composing music at age five. He wrote his first opera at age twelve. Mozart’s father, “a violinist at the court of the prince of Salzburg,” taught him how to play the clavier and encouraged him in his art (“Wolfgang” World History). His parents had seven children, although only two of them, Mozart and his sister Maria Anna Mozart, survived to adulthood. Mozart first showed off his innate abilities in music at age four, when “he began playing his pieces from his elder sister’s clavier lessons” and astonished his entire family (“Wolfgang” World History). After his father heard him play such arduous pieces, he started giving him lessons. Mozart’s sister was also a talented musician. Recognizing his children’s musical talent, their father took them on a concert tour to the royal court in Munich and in Vienna, “where they played on two occasions for the Austrian empress Maria Theresa” (“Wolfgang” World History). The empress, impressed with their talent in music, asked them to

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