Retailing Around the Globe

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Q1. - The retailers around the world are facing different issues & challenges. - Debbie Robinson and chief executive of NACS claim that the growth of profit is relate with the population of people, but the operating process is the main key point to sustain the growth. - Sheetz point out the market is all about the people, people build the market, market build the business. Rutter mentions that the technology is one of the skills to attract more the customers and need to be investing more. - International retailers are more flexible within the prices issues then optimize sales and profits. - Joe Bons said that create unique and more interesting product is useful for convenience store if the future, which is think big and try big. - The regulation will be come for the people who are ready anytime. - In London, the convenience store tried to replicate the open air market because of the sources provided to customer is very important and customer more concern about the resources of product. Q2. The relevant areas of theory in Retailing Around the Globe case including organizational mission seen all the retailers of the case are commitment to their type of business and to a distinctive role in the chosen marketplace. The good and services category is one of the area focus of the retailers. Retailer’s image and position is very important to consumers & other stakeholders perceived. The retailers have their own retail strategy to achieve the target of sales and profits. The case also related about the factors affecting success of the retailer strategy mix. For example store location, operating procedures, goods/services offered, pricing tactics, store atmosphere, customer services, and promotional method. The area more related on the independent retailer for instance the family business, second generation have responsibility to develop smoothly. The case also

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