Renaissance and Protestant Reformation Turning Points

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Throughout history there have been many major turning points, which have greatly it affected the world. Two major turning points of the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation. The Renaissance was the revival of classical culture and the beginning of new progress to be made in the world. It got Europe of the Dark Ages and marked the start of a new era. The Renaissance created a large sphere of cultural influence around Europe, which affected the world for hundreds of years. The Catholic Reformation created many new denominations of Christianity. It also greatly diminished the power of Catholicism and the Pope. The Protestant reformation was a significant event in Christianity. Both of these events mark major turning points in the Western World. They helped bring the Western World back to the top of the world, and helped it regain its influence over the rest of the world. Many events led to the start of the Renaissance for at the time Europe was still in turmoil from Feudalism and the Black Plague. Primarily, the Renaissance began in the Italian city-states for many reasons. The Italian city- states would not under feudal control at the time the Renaissance began, so they were allowed them greater cultural and economic freedom. Italian city-states were located along the Mediterranean Sea, which enabled them to become great centers of trade and manufacturing, which gave them the wealth, as well as the influence they needed to become patrons of the arts. One important city-state was Florence, which became so influential, that its currency, the florin, became widespread as one of the major currencies of the world. Italy was also the first place hit by the black plague, so they recovered before Northern Europe. Additionally wealthy patrons of the arts fueled the Renaissance. Wealthy Italian families became teachings of the arts and paid I miss to create masterpieces
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