Religion and the Future of Humanity

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Religion can be a long term of complications to the actual future of mankind. Religion has become an important entity in the life of humankind. Humans become intermingled with society’s determined misgivings, and they seek some avenue of comfort and belonging. The battles that are encountered by religions to strengthen mankind’s beliefs in the spiritual faith, tends to become more difficult. The constant deceit by religious ministers forces mankind to doubt the future of religion because of the negative image, hypocrisy of scandals and increase of greed. Guns, drugs and gangs in cities and suburbs will become widespread if the delivery of the spiritual word is not passed on to humanity. Convulsions of progress and heartache bring humanity together and put people, nations and religions at each other’s throats on an unprecedented scale. Humans believe religion’s purpose is for them to prosper and be happy. In other words, do whatever you want to fulfill your material and emotional desires, and call it religion. It has nothing to do with spiritual growth or enlightment. On an unclear path ahead with but one certainty it will be shaped by us in all our strengths and vulnerabilities. The appearance of solidarity and understanding will not compensate for the future of mankind’s after life experiences. The authority of this described state will over-shadow the authority of the church. As we grow into the technological realm of the future, and computers enter into our lives, internet access will have to be an essential part of delivery in understanding world religions. People seem to have more today then ever before, but more people have less, too. Faced with questions that have never been asked, as to where exactly are we going to be when the world ends. Religion will be the deciding component of our destiny, as eternal life will be encompassed through faith and spiritual
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