Rehabilitation Paper

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CJS 230 Rehabilitation Paper Rehabilitation Paper Rehabilitation in prison is a program that helps the inmates reduce their criminal behavior or helps them get better. It can have one religion; this is the biggest program in the prison system. There are many different kinds of programs they offer the prisoners for rehabilitation. One of the programs is recreation such as groups or sports. Second program they have is arts and crafts where the inmates can be artistic with their expressions that are stressed. Third program is a self-help group such as narcotic anonymous or alcohol anonymous. Fourth program is prison work assignments where the inmates have inside jobs. Fifth program is service groups where they have juvenile group homes and fund raisers. Lastly is visitation where they inmates family member or non-family member come to visit them. Prisoner rehabilitation is a program that helps the inmates with their criminal activities to try and help them focus on good things that will help them better there life to be able to have a normal life outside the prison. Prison rehabilitation started in the 1950s through the 1970s. Rehabilitation was not the only reason for imprisonment and there was no precise mission or definition statement that was available during that time (Foster, 2006). Prison officials described it as an unclear method. Prisons incorporated rehabilitation programs to help inmates learn how to reduce their criminal behavior and educational programs were available to help the prisoners be able to receive a high school diploma or GED. The vocational training programs were able to be divided into two types which are certified and generic. Generic means the inmate works under a staff member or someone who supervises the inmates, and certifies the inmate of being taught by a vocational or technical instructor. There are two types of
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