Reasearch Project Industry and Competitive Analysis- Walmart

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INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Marketing Plan Using Industry and Competitive Analysis BUS 3201-Principles of Marketing INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Walmart has been the leading retail chain for many years and will continue to do so beating some of the largest retail chain stores in American and overseas in sales and reputation. The research and comparison conducted is based off industry and competitive analysis amongst other leading stores in the nation and abroad, showing revenues and strategies the make Walmart the leading retail store. No other store has attracted so many loyal customers and vendors the way Walmart has, with its low prices and wide selection of products, it’s no wonder Walmart is beating out the competition. The industry analysis details the overall performance of how well Walmart is doing and the trends and projections for the future of its already successful endeavors. The analysis will generate a prediction of revenue and compare the stores performance to those of competing retail chains. Currently Walmart’s revenue for 2015 is a whopping 486 billion dollars, which otherwise impacts the sales and revenue of other stores such as Target and Kmart. “These findings reinforce the results that identify Wal-Mart as the most fearsome competitor among these firms.”(Zhu, Singh, Manuszak, 2009, p463) There is no competition when it comes to competing against Walmart regardless of any bad media or oppositions within the workplace, at the present time “Wal-Mart’s total sales are larger than the combined sales of the next five big retailers — Home Depot, Kroger, Target, Costco, and Sears/Kmart” (Jantzen, Pescatine & Braunstein, 2009, p297) The current trend analysis for Walmart is rising due to its dominancy over all other discount and other retail chain stores. Walmart has increased its net sales and enhanced its income trends

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