Aunt Ida Pieces A Quilt Summary

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Yelena Babchanik 10/08/12 Read 104 Hahn Reading response # 2 The poem “Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt” by Melvin Dixon is about an old lady named Ida that makes a quilt for a boy named Junie who died from AIDS. She gets many different pieces of his clothes that symbolizes him and makes it into a quilt. The main idea of this poem presented by Melvin Dixon is that all kinds of people die from aids and they all need to be remembered. The way Junie is remembered in this poem was by his grandma (Ida) cutting one letter of his name out from each piece of his “special clothes” and then putting it altogether into a quilt. When Aunt Ida was making it, she says she “heard Junie giggling right along with me.” Another idea presented in this poem is that
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