Reaching Out Essay

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There’s always a third way of looking at things, isn't there? When you talk about helping others, we talk about charity, donating money, clothes and food and basic necessities to the poor and needy. We talk about breaking the invisible barrier between the fortunate and not so fortunate, caring enough to sit down and interact with them, thus maintaining not only a materialistic connection but one which is humane and filled with love. But do we see things from such a perspective, where we could boost their self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence? Don’t we think we are portraying ourselves in such a way that we are taking it for granted that we would be the savior for the downtrodden? They say service begins at home. Well, I feel there is no such place where service begins. Help can come from any place, any walk of life. All people need is a spark which could ignite a sense of love and concern for people, spreading the message of humanity. All they need is to step outside their world, which seems perfect to the destitute. Their world, where more priority is given to their wants, because they don’t really know the value of what they have. Once we step into reality, we can see the suffering with our own eyes, the pathetic condition of our society, the worsening poverty. What can we do about it? No one tries. We write articles, like what I’m doing. We give speeches, and we listen to others. We read the newspapers with excerpts from people’s lives. We watch the television projecting heart-rending pictures of the underprivileged population. But we don’t do anything about it. Cause we always wait for someone else to take the initiative. If everyone has the same mentality, then what is the condition of the literate population. Do we really need that push, so that we can extend a hand, a helping hand filled with warmth? Or isn’t it an unsaid duty, to reach out to

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