Ravens Derechen Research Paper

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World War II was known as one of the worst wars of all mankind. There were many concentration camps, and many Jewish people were prisoners there. Adolf Hitler and his armies set up multiple concentration camps throughout Germany, rounding up the Jews. One important camp was called Ravensbruck. Ravensbruck was a women’s concentration camp in northern Germany near Furstenberg. The camp opened in autumn of 1939. First, the killing was unimaginable. An estimated 92,000 women were murdered at Ravensbruck. That does not count the men who died when they were transferred over there when they no longer were able to work. Ravensbruck had a crematory and in November 1944, the SS soldiers had decided to build a gas chamber. At that time, the population there was around 80,000. More than 132,000 women and children were incarcerated in Ravensbruck. At Ravensbruck, the women were tortured and used for “medical experiments”. The selected women for the experiments were notified to appear at the camp’s hospital with no prior knowledge to why they were being summoned. In addition to having no choice and control over their own bodies, the prisoners were kept unaware of the procedures completed on them, as their wounds were kept covered in bandages for weeks at a time. The medical…show more content…
These female guards were not members of the SS, but were members of the "female civilian employees of the SS". Beginning in 1942, Ravensbruck also served as one of the main training camps for female SS guards. The women prisoners of Ravensbruck worked during their incarceration mostly in agricultural and industrial fields. However, prisoners also faced being selected for euthanasia programs, horrifying medical experiments, and even work in brothels. The women of Ravensbruck suffered greatly during their incarceration, and the lack of food and sanitary conditions only aggravated the problems these women
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